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Charges against men accused in Mike Wallace attack are dismissed


Charges against the three men accused of attacking former NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his daughter have been dismissed, according to an ESPN report.

The charges stemmed from a fight June 17 at PNC Amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina. Paul Lucas had four misdemeanor assault charges against him dismissed. Two misdemeanor assault charges against both Nathan Lucas (Paul’s brother) and Randolph Magnum were also dismissed, according to the ESPN report.

Photos of injuries incurred by Mike Wallace and daughter Lindsay Van Wingarden. Photos courtesy Mike Wallace official Facebook page.

Wallace and his daughter, Lindsey Van Wingarden, were injured in the incident, which followed a Rascal Flatts concert at the venue.

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Wallace, 57, suffered a broken tooth, lacerations to his mouth and face and still has black floaters in his right eye, the ESPN report noted.

Van Wingerden, meanwhile, suffered a black eye and broken wrist.

When the case went to trial in October, a mistrial was declared after prosecutors discovered potential witnesses inadvertently were allowed to be in the courtroom and heard testimony.

A new trial was never set and the district attorney’s office dismissed the charges Friday after Wallace and his daughter requested such, ESPN reported.

According to the ESPN report, a court filing quoted prosecutor William Biggers: “In this case, the State is filing this dismissal based on the wishes of the victims.”

Although the criminal charges have been dismissed, Wallace and Van Wingarden still have options for a potential civil lawsuit.

An attorney for Wallace told ESPN that neither he nor Wallace would have any public comment. Wallace, who took to Facebook after the June 17 incident, has not made any additional comment on social media.

Wallace responded to an email from NBC Sports and replied, “Rather not make a comment.”

Mike Wallace, who has not driven in a NASCAR race since 2015, is the brother of NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace and racer/broadcaster Kenny Wallace.

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Rascal Flatts offers Mike Wallace ‘love and prayers for fast recovery’

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Rascal Flatts tweeted Monday to its 1.7 million followers that the group was saddened to hear about the beating NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his daughter suffered in the parking lot after Friday’s show near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff officers arrested three men for the attack. Two were charged with misdemeanor assault and one was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female. All three were released on bond. They face a July 22 court date.

A police report stated that the “victims  were kicked and punched several times in the head, face and stomach by the listed suspects following a verbal altercation.”

Wallace has stated in multiple interviews that he asked a group parked beside his family how they enjoyed the show afterward when one member of the party became belligerent. Wallace has said he asked what the person’s problem was. The attack ensued shortly and Wallace was knocked out.

Both he and his daughter were taken to a local hospital. They were treated and released. Wallace told WSOC that he suffered a concussion, needed 12 stitches and lost three teeth.

The police investigation continues.