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NASCAR penalizes crew member, drivers for South Boston incident


NASCAR has prohibited Forrest Reynolds, crew chief for Philip Morris, from participating in any of its events this season without a current license and Reynolds is ineligible to apply for a new one until next year, essentially barring him from NASCAR competition the rest of the season.

Reynolds was penalized after he ran out on to the track at South Boston Speedway and climbed into a competitor’s car during a red flag.

NASCAR also fined driver Lee Pulliam $1,500 and suspended him until April 17. If the fine is not paid by then, the suspension will continue. He is on probation until Dec. 31.

NASCAR fined Morris $1,000 and he is suspended until he pays his fine. He’s on probation until Dec. 31. Any attempt by Reynolds to participate in a NASCAR event as a crew member of Morris’ team will result in further penalties against Morris.

The incident took place in the second Twin-75 NASCAR Whelen All-American Late Model race last Saturday at South Boston Speedway. Morris and Pulliam were battling for position and Morris spun after contact.

During a red flag, the field was stopped in Turns 1 and 2. Reynolds ran on to the track and threw an object at Pulliam’s car. Reynolds then went to the right side of Pulliam’s car and leaned in before Pulliam accelerated, causing Reynolds to tumble to the ground.

Pulliam was cited for his role in the confrontation. The NASCAR penalty report stated: “Driver was in car stopped on the track under red flag conditions, a crewmember from another team approached vehicle and leaned in through right side window. Driver then started his vehicle and proceeded to move forward at an accelerated speed carrying the crew member and throwing him from the vehicle.”

Morris was penalized because the driver assumes the responsibility for the actions of their team members.

Well that was smart!

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Telecast of Denny Hamlin’s Short Track Showdown this Saturday at 9 pm ET on NBCSN


If you weren’t able to attend last week’s Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown at South Boston Speedway in person, you can catch a special telecast of it this Saturday, May 2, at 9 pm ET on NBCSN.

Among the highlights of the one-hour broadcast of the charity Late Model event is the wild finish, which led NASCAR to announce Wednesday that it has placed Lee Pulliam on probation for running into Josh Berry’s car after the race.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series regular Timothy Peters (photo) rallied to win the race on the last lap.

More: Timothy Peters wins Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown after last-lap fireworks

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Timothy Peters wins Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown after last-lap fireworks

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SOUTH BOSTON, Va. – Josh Berry ran into leader Lee Pulliam on the last corner of the last lap, allowing Timothy Peters to win the 8th annual Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown on Thursday night at South Boston Speedway.

The race will air on NBCSN in May. A date is to be announced.

NASCAR penalized Berry for aggressive driving and dropped the JR Motorsports driver to 17th, the tail end of the cars running at the end.

“Lee and Timothy were racing hard side-by-side hard, beating and banging, and they washed up and I tried to get underneath them and got into them,’’ Berry told NBC Sports.

“I’m just disappointed with it. I don’t really know what to say. It might have been too aggressive. You’re racing for the win. I’ve seen (Pulliam) do the same thing to people.’’

Pulliam, who hit Barry’s car in Turn 2 after the checkered flag, declined to talk to the media but tweeted his displeasure calling Berry the “Biggest joke in racing.’’ Pulliam finished 10th.

Peters, meanwhile, celebrated his first victory in the charity Late Model event. Peters started from the pole and led the first 109 laps. He never dropped out of the top five in the 210-lap race, which ended on the second attempt at a green-white-checkered.

“This is kind of a bucket list deal, I can check the box on that,’’ Peters said.

About the last lap, Peters said: “I know if you’re racing for bragging rights and $10,000, if I’m on the inside coming to the checkered flag, I’m going to use you up and that’s what happened. Unfortunately it backfired for him and we were on the receiving end of it.’’

Denny Hamlin had engine issues and finished 31st in the 36-car field, completing 69 laps. Chase Elliott placed 22nd after engine issues. David Ragan was collected in a late crash and placed 16th. Jeb Burton had engine issues and finished 28th.

Proceeds from the event benefit The Denny Hamlin Foundation, which is committed to raising awareness and funds for the needs of children with cystic fibrosis.


Race Results:

1 – Timothy Peters … 210 laps

2 – William Byron … 210 laps

3 – Mark Wertz … 210 laps

4 – Tommy Lemmons Jr. … 210 laps

5 – Tyler Ankrum … 210 laps

6 – Austin Thaxton … 210 laps

7 – Dalton Sargeant … 210 laps

8 – Kaz Grala … 210 laps

9 – Brendon Queen … 210 laps

10 – Lee Pulliam … 210 laps

11 – Quin Houff … 210 laps

12 – Matt Bowling … 210 laps

13 – Hermie Sadler … 210 laps

14 – Curtis Markham … 210 laps

15 – Payton Ryan … 208 laps

16 – David Ragan … 207 laps

17 – Josh Berry … 210 laps *

18 – Nick Smith … 202 laps

19 – C.E. Falk … 201 laps

20 – Peyton Sellers … 193 laps

21 – Bobby McMarty … 192 laps

22 – Chase Elliott … 192 laps

23 – Eddie Johnson … 124 laps

24 – Bruce Anderson … 124 laps

25 – Dude Gibbs … 124 laps

26 – Kyle Plott … 120 laps

27 – Juan Garcia … 119 laps

28 – Jeb Burton … 117 laps

29 – Myatt Snider … 99 laps

30 – Matt Waltz … 81 laps

31 – Denny Hamlin … 69 laps

32 – Davin Scites … 63 laps

33 – Chad Finchum … 43 laps

34 – Garrett Campbell … 9 laps

35 – Travis Swaim .. 3 laps

36 – Brayton Haws … 3 laps

* Penalized for aggressive driving on the last lap and moved to the last car on the track at the finish.