Joey Logano’s son gets first visit to Victory Lane

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Joey Logano‘s win Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway was big for the Team Penske driver both professionally and personally.

While it was his first Cup win in 36 races, it also marked his first chance to visit Victory Lane with son Hudson.

Logano celebrated his win in the GEICO 500 with wife Brittany and Hudson, who was born in January.

The successful birth of their first child came after the couple attempted vitro fertilization. Following their marriage in 2014, Brittany was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones that can lead to infertility.

“It was amazing to pull into Victory Lane and celebrate with your guys,” Logano said. “When you turned around and saw Hudson and Brittany over there, I may have cried a little bit. … It’s a different feeling. Everyone always says, ‘You won’t understand until you have kids.’ I always kind of shook my head, ‘Okay.’ Now having a little guy, seeing him there, he may not remember, but for me, that was very special. For Brittany I hope it was, too. Something we’ll cherish forever.  We’ll have a great family picture in Victory Lane at Talladega.”

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Joey Logano, wife Brittany welcome baby boy

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Joey Logano announced on Twitter Friday afternoon that his wife Brittany gave birth to their first child, a boy named Hudson, Thursday night.

The child’s birth comes after the couple struggled to conceive.

After they were married in 2014, Brittany was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones that can lead to infertility.

The couple attempted vitro fertilization and following a setback, announced the pregnancy in June.

In July, the Team Penske driver announced they were expecting a boy by doing burnouts that produced blue smoke.

Watch the above video for more on the Logano’s road to being parents.

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Joey Logano, wife Brittany open up about pregnancy struggles (video)


Joey Logano and wife Brittany shared their struggles with pregnancy in an interview with Krista Voda that appeared on NASCAR America before Saturday night’s Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Shortly after they were married, Brittany was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones that can lead to infertility.

“Even if it’s not going to happen the way that we want it to, I’m fine adopting,” Brittany told Voda. “(Joey) is fine adopting because there are so many kids without homes.”

The couple tried in vitro fertilization. After a setback, Brittany became pregnant. They are expecting their first child in January 2018.

“If I had one regret,” Brittany told Voda, “I wish I would have shared it when I was in the pit. I want to let people know they’re not alone. One awesome things about pain and struggle is it’s an equalizer. Everybody goes through it.”

For more on the couple, check out the video above.

Joey Logano snaps five-race slump, then reveals he’s going to be a dad

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After five straight weeks of frustration, Joey Logano finally snapped one of the worst performance slumps of his NASCAR Cup career. But the best news was still to come (more about that in a minute).

Logano came into Sunday’s FireKeepers Casino 400 at Michigan International Speedway having finished 21st or worse in the previous Cup races. But now, that seems like a long-distant memory as Logano got back to the kind of finish he and his team are used to, taking third place in Sunday’s race.

And then, to cap off Father’s Day, Logano revealed to the world on Twitter after the race that he will be a father himself for the first time, announcing that wife Brittany is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Logano came into Sunday’s race as the defending champ, having won this race last year. He would have liked to make it two years in a row.

“We outperformed our car and I’m proud of that,” Logano told Fox Sports 1. “We needed a momentum change and we did what we had to do.

“I’m just happy that something didn’t go wrong. We’ve had a rough struggle the last five-six weeks. It’s nice to click off a top-five and just get that momentum built back up again.”

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Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski get behind the wheel of a tank

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Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski are known for driving race cars and race trucks.

Now they can add another “vehicle” to their racing resumes in preparing for Sunday’s Daytona 500 in a rather unique way.

The two Team Penske teammates recently got behind the wheel of a tank. You know, the kind of things they use in the army, with their wide treads and ability to run over pretty much anything in their path — which could come in handy if they had it in the 500.

“We have a friend about an hour from here that has a few tanks and some really cool toys, so we got to drive a tank,” Logano said during Wednesday’s Daytona 500 media day at Daytona International Speedway.

“You kind of feel indestructible when you’re driving a tank,” Logano continued. “There’s not much stopping you in that thing.

“They’re fast, too. It’s crazy how fast they go. It was a 50-something tank and that thing was crazy. It was neat.”

In addition to Logano and Keselowski, Logano’s wife, Brittany, showed she has the right stuff, too.

“My wife drove a tank,” Joey Logano said. “That was one of the coolest parts. I feel like my wife is a total badass now.”

Later during media day, Chase Elliott was asked if he’d like to pilot a tank.

“I don’t have any plans to drive a tank,” Elliott said. “It would be kind of cool to look inside one but I can’t say driving a tank would do a whole lot for me. If we can’t shoot at anything, no point in driving. If we get to shoot at something, then yes.”

Check out a few tweets by both drivers that included some video of their exploits:

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