Johnny Sauter docked 10 points, crew chief ejected for Michigan penalty

Johnny Sauter
Getty Images

Johnny Sauter‘s team has been docked 10 owner and 10 driver points and crew chief Joe Shear, Jr. has been ejected for a violation found in inspection before Friday night’s Truck Series race at Michigan (6 p.m. ET on FS1), NASCAR announced.

Losing 10 points drops Sauter from 12th to 13th in the standings. Ten drivers will make the playoffs. Sauter is now 63 points back from the final cutoff spot.

According to NASCAR, Sauter’s No. 13 truck violated rule 20.4.17.d in the rullebook as the return flange at bed side panel did not meet specifications.

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Here’s the entry in the rulebook Sauter’s team violated:

“A flange may be installed on the bottom of the rear bed side panel. The flange must be a maximum of 1 ½ inches wide and must be turned inward (for strength). The flange must not extend below the bottom of the flat surface (the hatched surface in the surface conformance drawing); the flange must not be visible from the exterior of the vehicle in a side view. The flange must break a maximum of 90° off the rear bed side panel; radii and/or rounding will not be permitted.”