ARCA changes overtime rules for Daytona, Talladega races


The ARCA Racing Series announced Tuesday it will implement changes to its overtime rules for races held at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.

Gone are unlimited attempts at two-lap green-white-checkered finishes when the white flag had not been displayed and unlimited “green and white together” attempts if the white flag had been displayed and the caution flag was necessary prior to the checkered.

In their place will be one attempt at a one-lap finish when the green and white flag are displayed together.

Once the green and white flag are displayed, the next flag – either a caution flag or checkered flag – ends the race. All means will be used to determine the running order at the time of a caution.

Overtime procedures will stay in place at the series’ 18 remaining races.

The moves come after last year’s race at Daytona stretched 12 laps beyond the scheduled 80-lap distance due to cautions.

“We feel it’s more fair to the teams and to the fans to finish the race closer to the advertised distance,” said Grayling Call, Senior Director of Competition for ARCA, in a press release. “Teams work on their fuel strategy throughout these races and when you have several overtime finish attempts it throws that strategy off for everyone. You could have cars running out of fuel on a restart that causes another crash.”

The ARCA season begins Feb. 9 with the Lucas Oil 200 at Daytona.