Forget turkey, Dale Earnhardt Jr. wants Honey Baked Ham for Thanksgiving

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If Dale Earnhardt Jr. happens to drop in for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t worry about turkey. He’s going to want some Honey Baked Ham.

“I know it’s cheating to have the Honey Baked Ham in there with the turkey,” Earnhardt said on this week’s edition of the Dale Jr. Download podcast. “The turkey feels bad. The turkey feels insulted that it’s being uprooted by the Honey Baked Ham. It’s like, ‘wait a minute. Thanksgiving is turkey day, not Honey Baked Ham day.’

“But you got to have it. It’s so good.”

And don’t bother making gravy from scratch if Earnhardt comes by. Swing by the local Kentucky Fried Chicken and get a quart of their gravy.

For more, watch the video above.