NASCAR America: Capitalizing on opportunities wins championships

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

After 35 points-paying events, it all comes down to one final showdown in Miami (3 p.m. ET Sunday on NBC).

Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr. and Joey Logano will race to see who takes home the 2018 Monster Energy Cup trophy.

Harvick, Busch and Truex have a chance to become only the 16th driver in NASCAR history to win multiple championships. Logano is vying for his first.

Harvick knows winning the championship is about capitalizing on every opportunity that comes around. He offered his 2014 championship and Jimmie Johnson‘s 2016 Cup as twice in the past four years that the winning car was not necessarily the best car.

“Being there and doing that in 2014 with a similar situation to what Martin has – I didn’t feel like we had the best particular car on that particular night, but we had the circumstances and things kind of fall our way and we were able to capitalize on them,” Harvick said. “And you look back … at Jimmie Johnson, the other cars all wrecked (in 2016). He was the worst car on that particular night. … You just gotta keep yourself in the game.”

Earlier in Tuesday’s edition of NASCAR America, Truex admitted Busch had a stronger car for most of last year’s championship race.

“That’s the goal when we get to Daytona (in February), is to win the championship,” Logano said. “And there are only four of us that still have the opportunity to make that happen and you try to put that in the back side of your mind, but it’s there. You can’t hide from it.”

Truex has an opportunity to win back-to-back championships for the first time since NASCAR implemented the knockout style format.

“To be in this position again, I feel so lucky,” Truex said. “I feel like it’s a bonus to be here. Last year I went in there thinking … we may be the favorite, but this is still going to be difficult. And it was. It was a challenge. It was really hard to get it done. I look at this year the same way.”

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