NASCAR: Rodney Childers can celebrate with No. 4 team if it wins title


One of the questions leading into Sunday’s championship race (3 p.m. ET on NBC) is if Kevin Harvick wins the title, can suspended crew chief Rodney Childers celebrate with the team on the stage.

NASCAR confirmed Tuesday that Childers will be able to be with the team after the race should Harvick win the title.

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Childers is serving a two-race suspension for an infraction NASCAR discovered after Harvick’s Texas win. NASCAR suspended Childers and car chief Robert Smith the final two races of the season.

While under suspension, Childers and Smith are not allowed in the pits, garage area and any other area that requires a NASCAR credential. They can be in the stands, suite or infield since those places do not require a person to have a NASCAR credential.

At question was when did the suspensions end. Did they end when the Miami race ended with the checkered flag? Or did they end when inspection was complete after the race Sunday night at the track?

NASCAR determined that the suspensions will end when the checkered flag waves. That will allow Childers and Smith to celebrate with the team on the stage if Harvick collects his second career Cup title.