NASCAR America: Dream matchups through the ages


Last week Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr. had a memorable side-by-side battle in the closing laps at Martinsville. It ended with one driver (Logano) in victory lane and the other (Truex) standing on pit road with thumbs pointed down in disapproval.

the finish begged the question of which two drivers throughout history would be dream matchups for Wednesday’s NASCAR America panelists.

Nate Ryan’s dream matchup would be Jimmie Johnson versus Dale Earnhardt Sr. at Martinsville in 2007. That year, Jeff Gordon beat the back bumper off Johnson’s car, but could not pass the No. 48. Ryan wonders if it would have been different with the Intimidator doing the bumping.

Dale Jarrett would like to see a playoff matchup between two of NASCAR’s most notable rivals.

“Two guys that I raced with – and I saw them battle a lot – but I’d like to put them in the playoffs in a situation just like Sunday, trying to make their way to the championship and that’s Rusty Wallace and … Dale Earnhardt,” Jarrett said. “To watch them battle once again nose-to-tail and see – either one of them behind the other – would be a great finish.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s dream matchup was much more personal. He would like the opportunity to race his father one more time on a restrictor-plate superspeedway.

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