NASCAR America: Joey Logano: Roger Penske having his back ‘means the most’


Roger Penske made clear Sunday night where he stood on how Joey Logano raced Martin Truex Jr. on the last lap of the Martinsville playoff race with his bump-and-run in the final turn.

“I think that Joey drove a great race,” Penske said. “He didn’t knock him off the race track. It was side-by-side racing at the end. Nobody lifted. My position, I thought it was fair, I thought it was square. Joey deserved to win.”

A day later, Logano expressed pride in that Penske has “my back” and that “means the most.”

“A guy that’s a legend in motorsports, not just NASCAR, in all of motorsports from all these different angles, from owning race tracks to owning race teams, driving himself,” Logano told NASCAR America’s Kelli Stavast. “If I have him behind me that’s the most important one.”

Logano was still content that he took the right actions to get his first Martinsville win.

“It’s what I had to do,” Logano said. “I owed it to the race team to give it everything I’ve got. They gave (me) an amazing race car and the pit stops were incredible. That kept us in position all day. I had to win that race for them.”

Watch the above video for more from Logano.