Goodyear tire info for Charlotte road course

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Goodyear has announced the tires it will give Cup and Xfinity teams for the inaugural races on the Charlotte Motor Speedway road course this weekend.

The tire was decided on after some Cup teams experienced chunking issues during a two-day test on the course in July.

Cup and Xfinity teams will use the same tires. These tires have never been raced before.

Goodyear will have rain tires on hand in the case of inclement weather.

Cup teams are allowed up to two sets of “wets” for practice and up to four sets for the race. Xfinity teams are allowed up to two sets of “wets” for practice and up to two sets for their race.

Here’s the info for the normal tires.

Set limits: Cup: Three sets for practice, one set for qualifying and seven sets for the race

Xfinity: Eight sets for the event

Tire Codes (same on all four tire positions): D-4830

Tire Circumference: 2,239 mm (88.15 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front – 26 psi; Right Front – 28 psi; Left Rear – 20 psi; Right Rear – 20 psi

“Landing on the proper tire set-up for the Charlotte road course has proven to be a challenge,” said Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing, in a press release. “The layout of the track has evolved significantly since we first tested in 2017, and that has led to our tire combination evolving as well.  The unique combination of the road course and oval sections of the track requires a tire that can accelerate and decelerate well, along with carry the loads generated by the banking.  In the end, we’ve decided upon our traditional road course construction, paired with a tread compound which optimizes grip across the different sections of the circuit.  This was our control tire combination back in March, and though the organizational test in July was mostly run on a softer tread compound, back-to-back comparisons during that test demonstrated the March control was the better choice.”