NASCAR America: Don’t look for an immediate falloff from Martin Truex Jr.


With Furniture Row Racing entering their final 11 races as a team, the question must be asked whether they will experience a falloff in competitiveness.

NASCAR America analysts Parker Kligerman and Nate Ryan don’t think so – unless they start to lose personnel or if they fail to advance in the playoffs.

“I do not expect (a falloff) immediately and I don’t expect it for the first couple of weeks,” Kligerman said on Thursday’s edition of NASCAR America. “But if there is cracks in the armor – if for whatever reason, this team finds a way to fall out of the playoffs in terms of getting knocked out of a round … then I’d start to see performance start to fall off.”

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As long as the team is performing well, team members will have a common goal. But they also have to face the realization that next year is right around the corner.

“Later in the year, if key members are … cherry picked by other race teams and will have no choice but to leave midway through the playoffs,” Kligerman added.

“That’s the key: personnel losses. If people start leaving the team, it gets really difficult,” Nate Ryan added.

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