Dale Jr. Download: New Hampshire was marked by good, aggressive driving


The Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire International Speedway went to one of the Big 3 for the 15th time this season. Kevin Harvick came on strong at the end of the race, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. reminds the fans that was not clear from the beginning of the race in Thursday’s Dale Jr. Download.

“We had battles all day long,” Earnhardt said. “Didn’t have a clear, dominant car.

“Got to see some aggressive driving at the end. … Any Chance we can get some guys out there swapping a little paint, without really putting each other in the fence.”

Earnhardt showcased the battle between Chase Elliott and Martin Truex Jr. at the end of the Stage 1 along with others who gave the Big 3 a strong challenge in the middle stages of the Foxwoods 301.

Ultimately, it was the battle at the end between Harvick and Kyle Busch and their contact that took center stage. He thinks NASCAR needs more of that.

“We got to see guys pushing a shoving a little bit,” Earnhardt continued. “That is definitely what the sport needs. It’s always been a part of the sport. It’s always been exciting to the fans when guys get in there and put a couple of donuts on the car.”

And all of that happened because NASCAR managed to get the track dry on Sunday.

“We saw a hell of a race,” Earnhardt said. “And who knows? If we’d got rain delayed – you go to a Monday – everybody’s attitudes and feeling about the race? The energy’s not there. I don’t know if we see the same kind of event. Monday races have a little bit of a dull feeling about them.”

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