Dale Jr. Download: Old friend surprises Dale with his father’s Rookie of the Year shirt


On July 11, Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted a picture of a vintage shirt celebrating his father’s Rookie of the Year campaign in the Cup Series in 1979.

Earnhardt already owns two copies of the shirt, but they don’t fit. He said in the tweet he searches daily for an XL sized version of the shirt on eBay.

Earlier this week on the “Dale Jr. Download,” an old family friend and fan named Connie Goodman surprised Earnhardt with multiple old racing shirts, including the rare Rookie of the Year shirt.

The shirt was still in the packaging it had been wrapped in almost 40 years ago.

“We followed your dad’s career and once he got the Rookie (of the Year award), we bought the souvenirs,” Goodman said. “I thought, I’m going to buy one, that we wore … and I thought, ‘I’m going to keep one, because he’s going to be very famous one day.’ Just knew it.”