NASCAR addresses yellow line rule in Cup drivers meeting


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – NASCAR responded to a question in the drivers meeting before Saturday night’s race about the double yellow line rule.

Justin Haley appeared to have won Friday night’s Xfinity race with a pass just before the finish line, but NASCAR ruled that the left side of Haley’s tires went below both yellow lines that separate the apron from the racing surface. NASCAR declared Kyle Larson the winner and put Haley 18th, the last car on the lead lap.

A rules video played in the drivers meeting stated: “Drivers, this is your warning. Race above the yellow line. If in NASCAR’s judgment you go below the yellow line to improve your position, you will be black-flagged. If, in NASCAR’s judgment, you force someone below to yellow line to prevent them passing you, you may be black-flagged.”

Ryan Newman was the lone driver to ask a question about the yellow line rule. He sought clarification on the rule and about a car’s position on the track, noting that Haley appeared to be ahead when his tires dipped below the yellow lines coming to the checkered flag.

Richard Buck, managing director of the Monster Energy Cup Series, responded to Newman’s query:

“It’s very clear on the video of going below the yellow to advance your position. That’s at any time.

“What is considered going below the double yellow lines? It’s your left-side, the inside of your left-side tires, when they go below the inside line, that’s when we get involved.”

The Cup Rule Book addresses the rule on the double yellow lines in section 10.8.3. It states:

.a Vehicles must race above the double yellow lines around the entire race track. If in NASCAR’s judgement, the vehicle(s) goes beneath the double yellow lines to improve its position, vehicle(s) will be black-flagged. If in NASCAR’s judgement a vehicle forces another vehicle beneath the double yellow lines (in an effort to stop the advancement/pass) the vehicle may be black-flagged.
.b NASCAR defines beneath the double yellow lines as follows: when the vehicle’s left side tires are beneath the left line of the inside double yellow lines that separates the apron from the racing surface while passing another vehicle.

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