Dale Jr. Download: Kurt Busch’s reaction to getting passed was surprising


Kurt Busch has worked hard to show NASCAR fans a new side to his personality by engaging them with a friendlier attitude, according to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“Kurt seems to have changed over the last couple of years, particularly since he’s gotten married,” Earnhardt said Thursday on the Dale Jr. Download podcast. “Over the last several months, his activities on social media have shown a side of him which is friendly, fun to be around, carefree – a bit of an evolution from the original Kurt that we know from way back.”

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And then came an unguarded moment at the conclusion of Stage 2 of the Overton’s 400 at Chicagoland Speedway. When he was passed by Kevin Harvick coming off turn 4, Busch lashed out at his teammate for taking the stage win from him.

Earnhardt didn’t expect that reaction.

“I was surprised that he had that point of view. And then I was surprised that he shared it with his team, because I’m, sure they were as shocked as the rest of the world to have heard it.”

Stage points – and more importantly, the playoff point comes with a stage win – are important to every driver in the field.

“Kurt’s reaction to that (pass), like come out of left field. I could understand, like ‘darn; I got beat’ or ‘my bad guys, I chose poorly in 3 and 4 on what to do.’ … But I would never have expected Jimmie Johnson or a teammate to just not race and try to win that stage. Points are just so important.”

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