NASCAR America: The Art of the Slide Job


If you didn’t know about the term “slide job” before Sunday, you are now well aware of it thanks to the final lap of the Overton’s 400 and Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s enthusiastic use of it.

On NASCAR America, Parker Kligerman and Landon Cassill broke down Kyle Larson‘s failed slide job attempt on Kyle Busch and how Larson successfully executed one earlier this season at Kansas Speedway.

“The whole point of a slide job is to get in front of him,” Cassill explained. “You want to clear the guy, clear his bumper, and you kind of have to slow down your momentum and back up to them. We’ve seen Kyle Larson do some perfect slide jobs.”

Kligerman further explained what goes into executing the maneuver.

“That’s what’s so key, driving it off into the corner with way more speed than you would ever take to go in the bottom and letting that car slide up in front of the car behind you and breaking their momentum,” Kligerman said.

Watch the above video for more.