A Driver’s Drive: Ryan Blaney takes over the family business


As a kid, Ryan Blaney never had any doubt that racing would be a part of his life. Growing up in the family business, he didn’t give it a lot of thought as he watched his father, Dave Blaney compete in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Racing was just always there.

Perhaps that is why even with only two full seasons under his belt, Blaney often has the demeanor of a veteran.

“Growing up in the sport and watching my Dad do it – you know, watching a lot of good times, bad times – you know, this sport is a rollercoaster,” Blaney said on Wednesday’s NASCAR America. “You’re not going to win every race. You’re going to lose a lot more races than you’re going to win. You have to learn to deal with that and move on from that, trying to figure out how to win the next one.”

And while racing was an almost foregone conclusion, success was not.

“Really not until you have some success … and that stuff until you realize you can make it at the Cup level or do it for a career. You just are never certain if it’s going to be enough or if you have what it takes.”

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