NASCAR America: Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs wager on Stanley Cup


There is division in one of NASCAR’s top teams between Kyle Busch and car owner Joe Gibbs, but it doesn’t have anything to do with performance on the track or any hard feelings between the two. With their favorite teams, the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals, in the Stanley Cup, driver and owner have made a friendly wager on the series between.

Busch said: “My hometown of Las Vegas finally has a team of their own, and guess what: It’s surely didn’t take them long to make it to the championship. Maybe we should put a little friendly wager on the series?”

And with that comment Monday, Busch threw down the gauntlet to Gibbs.

If the Knights win, Gibbs will make a donation to Busch’s charity Bundle of Joy.

“Sounds good; If the Caps win, Kyle makes a donation to Youth for Tomorrow. And Kyle’s got plenty of this,” Gibbs said while making the hand signal for money.

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