NASCAR America: Xfinity drivers come into their own


This week, Xfinity drivers took over Philadelphia with some high-profile fan appearances, which prompted the NASCAR America analysts to discuss the current rules limiting Cup drivers in that series.

Nate Ryan said: “That should tell NASCAR, that based off the positive reaction from the last few Xfinity races that the rules they have put in – whether it was drivers can only race for points in one series, whether it’s restricting the number of Xfinity races Cup drivers can run – I think they’ve worked. I think the lesson should be, you probably don’t need any more rules at this point because things are working themselves out naturally.”

Dale Jarrett had a more traditional approach to how NASCAR should handle Cup drivers who want to run in the Xfinity races.

“The feelings that I have had over the years is: I’m not opposed to the Cup drivers being there. I think they should have to drive their own cars like many of us did coming up through.”

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