Talladega tumble didn’t slow Jamie McMurray

Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

So what does one do in the days after tumbling multiple times at Talladega Superspeedway?

Go for a ride.

Not like what Jamie McMurray took a week ago in Cup practice at Talladega, mind you. A different kind of ride.

He went on a 60-mile bike ride Wednesday that featured 8,000 feet of climbing.

“It’s crazy to have a wreck that is that spectacular to watch and that many flips and tumbles and I really didn’t even have a bruise on my body,’’ McMurray said Friday at Dover International Speedway. “I got to look at the car on Monday and it is amazing how much the roll cage was smashed in, but then how everything around me was still perfect. 

“I actually got our whole fab shop and the guys together on Tuesday when I was at the shop to thank everyone. I feel like a lot of times we get our team together to thank for performance and I told them, I’m like this is a completely different meeting: I am thanking you for keeping me safe. … When you have a wreck like that, you are super appreciative of all the attention to detail that NASCAR and the teams put into the cars.”

McMurray also exchanged friendly texts with Chip Ganassi Racing teammate Scott Dixon, who competes in IndyCar and had a spectacular crash in last year’s Indianapolis 500.

“He sent me a text to ask if I was okay,’’ McMurray said. “I sent him the laughing emoji back. ‘I’m like ‘I have nothing on you.’ ”

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