NASCAR America: Ford drivers dominate end of Talladega race

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After his fourth-place finish in Sunday’s race at Talladega Superspeedway, Kevin Harvick was disappointed, but had praise for the collaboration shown by Ford drivers he didn’t see earlier in the year at Daytona.

“Yeah, we haven’t done a real good job of that really since the first time we’ve been with Ford,” Harvick told NASCAR America. “We gave away the Daytona 500 this year with everybody not doing a very good job of working together. It was definitely much better today. If a Ford doesn’t win one of these superspeedway races, we should all walk away ashamed.”

Ford drivers worked so well Sunday, with Joey Logano winning, that it bothered Chase Elliott. He was the only non-Ford driver in the top seven.

“Those guys around me were working together so much,” Elliott said. “If it was me, I feel like I would have wanted to try or do something. Those guys weren’t having it. I was trying to move forward and make a lane and push, and they were not interested in advancing.”

On NASCAR America, analysts Dale Jarrett and Jeff Burton discussed the difficulty drivers had in trying to run down Logano in the closing laps.

“There were not enough good cars to jumble the field up to get side-by-side action going on, which is what’s needed with this package to make passing,” Burton said. “They just didn’t have the confidence that their cars had the speed to make anything happen.”

Logano’s win gives Ford wins in seven of the last eight Talladega Cup races.

Watch the above video for more on how Ford driver determined the outcome of Sunday’s race.