NASCAR President critical of series official’s action in Kevin Harvick’s pit

Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

NASCAR President Brent Dewar was critical on Twitter of a series official for fist-bumping a member of Kevin Harvick‘s team after NASCAR decided not to penalize Harvick for an uncontrolled tire in Sunday’s Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Fox Sports 1 showed Harvick’s car chief Robert Smith fist bump with an official and Harvick’s business manager, Josh Jones, tap the official on the back.

Dewar, who often converses with fans throughout the week on social media, was on Twitter after the race. He engaged with a fan who was critical of NASCAR for not calling a penalty on Harvick (NASCAR admitted after the race it made a mistake in not doing so). During the back-and-forth, Dewar told the fan to “Come visit race control some time. You would change your tune.”

Denny Hamlin later joined the conversation.

On the official fist-bumping members of Harvick’s team, here’s how Dewar responded to a fan:

Dewar had a discussion with a fan about NASCAR later admitting its mistake in not penalizing Harvick.

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