NASCAR America: A Driver’s Drive with Clint Bowyer


When asked to pick one word to describe himself, Clint Bowyer answered, “Hopefully, fun.”

“I didn’t use intelligent,” Bowyer continued. “I knew better than to say that.”

Bowyer, the winner of Monday’s race at Martinsville Speedway, is the subject of the latest “A Driver’s Drive” feature from NASCAR America, looking at the Kansas native’s path to NASCAR.

That path began with him and his two brothers racing in Motorcross.

“I got to race against a guy named Ricky Carmichael and I realized there’s no way in hell I was ever going to be able to beat him,” Bowyer said of Carmichael, who won the AMA Motocross Championship 450cc class seven times.

“They say with age you get in a cage,” Bowyer said. “I thought a roll cage around me was hell of a lot better than being on a motorcycle and going over the handle bars. So here I am.”

By 2004, Bowyer found himself in the Xfinity Series competing for Richard Childress Racing. He raced full-time the next year and moved to the Cup Series in 2006.

“Didn’t think ever in a million years I’d be a NASCAR Cup driver,” Bowyer said. “But I thought right then and there I was confident enough and had seen enough that I could make a living doing that.

“Which was the goal. Times cards suck.”

Watch more in the above video.