Goodyear tire info for Auto Club Speedway

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NASCAR visits Auto Club Speedway this weekend in Fontana, California.

Both Cup and Xfinity Series teams will take to the 2-mile speedway with the same Goodyear tire set-up. The set-up includes a new left side tire.

The right side tire, being a multi-zone tread tire, features two distinct tread compounds on the same tire — one for heat and wear resistance on the inboard two inches of the tread (Endurance Zone) and one for grip on the outboard 10 inches (Traction Zone).

The left side tire features a construction update to bring into line with what is run at other speedways, including Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

As on all NASCAR ovals greater than 1 mile in length, teams are required to run liners in all four tires at Auto Club. Air pressure in those inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

Goodyear projects the track’s surface will generate more than three seconds of fall-off during a run.

Set limits: Cup: Four sets for practice, one set for qualifying/start of race and 10 sets for race; Xfinity: Eight sets for entire weekend.

Tire Codes: Left-side — D-4754; Right-side — D-4658

Tire Circumference: Left-side — 2,227 mm (87.68 in.); Right-side — 2,245 mm (88.39 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front — 19 psi; Left Rear — 19 psi; Right Front — 45 psi; Right Rear — 42 psi

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