NASCAR America: Dale Jr.: Brad Keselowski tries to ‘keep people guessing’


So far Brad Keselowski‘s prophecy in November that Ford teams would be in trouble this year when they raced the oldest body of the sport’s three manufacturers hasn’t panned out.

In fact the opposite has occurred with Kevin Harvick, a Ford driver, winning the last two Cup races. Ford had five cars in the top 10 at Atlanta and six in the top 10 Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

On the latest episode of the “Dale Jr. Download,” NBC Sports analyst Dale Earnhardt Jr. addressed the performance of Ford drivers so far and why he thinks Keselowski makes a big deal about manufacturer success.

“I think that he wants to downplay their success, I think he wants to exaggerate the performance of the other manufacturers and keep some focus on them,” Earnhardt said. “That’s just his thing. He’s gonna always try to be vocal and keep people guessing on what’s real and what’s not. He seems to enjoy being that guy and everybody’s come to really expect it out of him and it’s entertaining.”

Watch the above video for more from Earnhardt’s podcast on Keselowski and Sunday’s race at Las Vegas.

Wednesday morning, Keselowski and Earnhardt traded responses on Twitter about Earnhardt’s comments in the video above.