Darrell Wallace Jr. snipes at Denny Hamlin after contact

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DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — Denny Hamlin might have a new foe.

Darrell Wallace Jr.

Both cars made contact after the checkered flag in Sunday’s Daytona 500, but it was a comment afterward that could raise the tension between the two.

“I want to see the replay before I say anything stupid,’’ Wallace told Fox Sports after the race about his incident with Hamlin. “He might need to take some Adderall for that one.’’

Wallace’s comment was a dig at Hamlin, who said earlier this week on a podcast that 70 percent of the Cup drivers take Adderall or a similar type of medicine to stay focused.

Hamlin later recanted those comments and said he was joking.

Hamlin was asked about the contact after the race and his response to Wallace saying he needed to take Adderall.

“I blew my right front tire out when he came down and side drafted me, so I didn’t have any control of my car because when he came down there, I was just on the yellow line,’’ Hamlin said. “Nothing I could have done, and it blew my right front tire out with his fender.’’

Later, in the media center, Wallace further addressed the matter.

“Who knows,’’ Wallace said. “We’re pissed off at each other. We’re racers. We’re competitive and we’ll go to Atlanta and be fine. I might be kicked out of the basketball league. And golf league, too.’’

Wallace plays in a basketball league hosted by Hamlin at the full-sized court at his home.

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