NASCAR modifies Damaged Vehicle Policy penalty that eliminated Matt Kenseth from playoffs


NASCAR has tweaked its Damaged Vehicle Policy for the 2018 season, changing a rule that effectively eliminated Matt Kenseth from the playoffs last year.

Under the revised guidelines, a driver would serve a two-lap penalty if a team sent too many men over the wall to repair damage.

Previously, the punishment was a driver would be parked for the duration of the race if a team sent more than six men over the wall. That resulted in Kenseth being knocked from the 2017 playoffs after he was involved in a crash in the Oct. 22 race at Kansas Speedway.

NASCAR also is adding a minute to the time allotted for teams to make repairs, giving them 6 minutes under the DVP clock.

Cup Series director Richard Buck informed teams via a bulletin sent to crew chiefs Wednesday.

NASCAR also shortened the first round of qualifying at intermediate and short tracks to 15 minutes from 20 minutes. The intention is to tighten the window for cars on track to increase the amount of on-track activity.