Video: Dale Earnhardt Jr. dishes on Kyle Busch’s comments, Super Bowl


Dale Earnhardt Jr., just back from his Super Bowl trip for NBC, taped his Dale Jr. Download podcast in front of NBC cameras, and you can watch some of the footage here.

To hear the entire podcast, go to the Dale Jr. Dirty Mo Download site.

Earnhardt, who will be heading to the Winter Olympics in South Korea soon for his next NBC assignment, had much to discuss about his trip to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, from the behind-the-scene stories of spending a day doing various outdoor activities with Rutledge Wood to having Jimmy Fallon bless his baby.

As it was Earnhardt’s first podcast of the year, he also delved into NASCAR issues and discussed the recent comments by Kyle Busch and other drivers about how NASCAR markets its competitors.

Check out Earnhardt’s podcast for much more. Check out the videos above and below for Earnhardt’s stories and takes on NASCAR happenings.