NASCAR America: Will a favorite stumble in the playoffs?


Pete Pistone, host of “The Morning Drive” on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio joined NASCAR America’s Jeff Burton and Nate Ryan to discuss some of this week’s big topics.

With so many people forecasting Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson advancing all the way to the championship race in Miami, Pistone, Burton and Ryan discussed which of those three drivers could be most susceptible to stumble in the playoffs.

“Truex Jr., I can’t find any hole there at all,” Pistone said. “They’re pretty much bulletproof. But when you look at Kyle Busch and you look at Kyle Larson, I think the only thing that might trip either of those guys is what we saw the last couple of weeks, pit crew problems.”

Said Burton: “I think it all revolves around Talladega. I think that we saw last week that with Kyle Busch having his problem. Everybody has assumed that those three are going all the way to Miami. I’ve been saying it’s not that easy.”

Added Ryan: “I think that at this point it’s got to be Kyle Busch just based off of what happened at Charlotte, given that Kansas has not been the most favorable of race tracks for him in the past in the playoffs.”

See what else they say in the video above on that topic and if tracks should continue to use the PJ1 traction compound.