Take one last spin around Dover in this week’s Scan All


On Tuesday’s edition of NASCAR America, we took an inside look — and listen — to some of the best radio communications between drivers and teams during last Sunday’s NASCAR Cup elimination race at the Dover International Speedway.

Here’s some of the top lines:

Adam Stevens, crew chief for Kyle Busch: “At the start of the race, we were just a little bit off. I feel like I overadjusted going into the race and we had to swing back the other way to get him where he could drive it.”

Kyle Busch: “Early on in the race, I was just settling in and taking my time and not worrying about the spots we were losing. I was just going to wait and see how it plays out.”

Clint Bowyer: “Come on, now. How we looking on the cleanup?” (After the race was red-flagged due to a crash) …. “It looks like a city job,” to which Bowyer’s spotter said, “It’s about 19 people standing around watching and two working, I’ll agree.”

Matt Kenseth had an issue with a water bottle and asked for a warm drink if he had to: “There’s something I don’t want to drink, I’ll tell you that. Leave the ice out or give me something warm that doesn’t taste like it just came out of a sewer pond.”

Chase Elliott on finishing second: “I’m so sorry, guys. I’m sorry. Dad gum it.”

Kurt Busch on being eliminated from advancing in the playoffs, “Devastating, just devastating.”

Check out the rest of the best in the video above.