NASCAR America: Kyle Busch’s New Hampshire win only his third playoff victory


Despite having 41 Cup Series wins and the 2015 Cup title to his name, Kyle Busch‘s win Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway was only his third playoff victory.

His last playoff victory was the biggest, when he won at Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2015 to claim the championship.

On NASCAR America, Parker Kligerman and Steve Letarte discussed what’s changed for Busch and the No. 18 team when it comes to crunch time in the postseason after years of “imploding.”

“Now we’re seeing the force that Kyle Busch is,” Kligerman said. “You could go to a couple of factors, right? Has he grown up? Has he become more mature? Maybe some of those things, but we’re seeing a dominate, once again, performance out of Toyota and that Joe Gibbs Racing team he has around him.

Letarte addressed why Toyota has been so dominate at New Hampshire recently, leading 1,168 laps in the last four races at the track.

“The last handful of races at New Hampshire have been relatively straight forward strategy wise,” Letarte said. “There wasn’t this moment in time that flipped the field. The fast cars sty towards the front.

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