NASCAR America: Pete Pistone on possible ‘cone rule,’ top Toyota driver

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SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s Pete Pistone dropped by NASCAR America Wednesday for his weekly appearance on the show.

Pistone discussed with Nate Ryan and Steve Letarte his thoughts on a possible “cone rule” that would determine the lineup on restarts (and prevent drivers from stopping at the end of pit road) and also a SiriusXM NASCAR Radio fan poll about who is Toyota’s top driver of the moment, Martin Truex Jr. or Kyle Busch.

On the cone rule: “I’m against another rule, that’s kind of where I am here. … It’s gamesmanship, I get it. … I would hate to think that NASCAR has to intervene, guys, to save them from themselves. I personally think this is something that would take care of itself.”

Letarte agreed, saying such a rule would be “impossible to enforce.”

“Enough already with the rules,” Letarte said. “This is about competition. If I want to slam on the brakes on that pit road for the name of competition. So be it. That’s like saying a quarterback can’t take a knee. ‘No, you have to have a real play. You can’t just take a knee.’ Enough is enough and the rulebook is already thick enough.”

Watch the video for the full discussion of topics.