NASCAR America: Ryan Newman is considered one of the hardest drivers to pass

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If you want to pass Ryan Newman, you’re going to have to try harder.

The Richard Childress Racing driver is considered one of, if the not the most difficult, driver to pass in the Cup Series.

During his appearance on NASCAR America, Newman explained what he does that makes it a challenge for his competitors to get around his No. 31 Chevrolet.

“That’s kind of what I get paid to do, go fast and don’t let anybody else go faster,” Newman joked later adding he really doesn’t like being blocked when he’s passing someone. “I just hold my line, get down into the corner and take my path and hold them off. It’s (at) the right time and right place. I won’t do it on the third lap or the 30th lap, but it’s toward of the end of the race when it really makes a difference.”

Newman also shared his philosophy on apologizing to other drivers after accidents or close calls on the track.

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