NASCAR America: Pete Pistone on Kyle Larson’s restart, shorter race weekends in 2018


As he does every Tuesday, Pete Pistone joined NASCAR America to talk about Kyle Larson‘s memorable restart at Michigan and what the NASCAR weekend schedule could look like in 2018.

“My biggest takeaway is Chip Ganassi is going to let Kyle Larson run a sprint car any time he wants to, that’s what he did at the Knoxville Nationals and then to come back and put on that move at the end of the race,” Pistone said. “We’re going to see that daring move in overtime by Kyle Larson on highlight reels for years to come.

Pistone also gave his thoughts about a question we posed on Twitter about shorter race weekends.

“I like the shortened weekends,” Pistone said. “I like we’re shortening up the weekend in terms of what happens on the racetrack — but as long as we’ve got something for fans that want to be there on Fridays.

“Those fan fests that happened at Pocono and Watkins Glen, it seemed the fans really liked and connected to.”