NASCAR America: Xfinity Series will feature new changes at Indianapolis (video)

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On Tuesday’s edition of NASCAR America, Kyle Petty and Parker Kligerman detailed the changes that will be made to Xfinity Series cars before this Saturday’s race at Indianapolis.

Among the changes for just this weekend, described by Kligerman in the above video:

  1. An aero duct cover will be placed adjacent to the front nose and radiator that will go over the left and right front brake ducts to keep the brakes cooler by pumping air out over them.
  2. A restrictor plate.
  3. The big spoiler that was on cars in last year’s race at Indy.
  4. A slightly larger front splitter.

“All in an effort to make drag to punch a bigger hole in the air and to allow these cars to bump draft and slingshot around each other,” Kligerman said.