NASCAR America: Xfinity drivers getting more aggressive causes early accident


Two of the last four Xfinity Series races have been marked by accidents before the field made it to Turn 1 on the first lap.

Kyle Busch was spun by contact from Brad Keselowski at Michigan and last weekend at Kentucky, a multi-car wreck broke out at the start-finish line as the green flag was waving.

NASCAR America analyst Slugger Labbe said the accidents are the result of driver getting more aggressive and less patient as the season wears on.

“A lot of these Xfinity regulars see the Cup races on Sunday and they see how important restart are,” Labbe said. “It’s a game of inches on restarts and they try to get all they can. To wreck on the initial start of the race, that’s a little odd to me. …. At the Kentucky, their race was delayed a day and they were all antsy to go and unfortunately they didn’t make it to the start-finish line.”

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