NASCAR America: Say hello to the newest member of our team, Ato Boldon (video)


Thursday was a special day for NASCAR America, as we welcomed a new member to the team, former Olympian Ato Boldon.

Boldon is no stranger to the NBC Sports family, having been part of our track and field and Olympics teams since 2007.

But he started writing a new chapter Thursday as he gave his take on being exposed for the first time to a number of NASCAR-related things, something he’ll continue to do throughout the NASCAR season.

Thursday, Ato engaged with a number of NASCAR fans, hung out with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and learned what it was like to drive a vintage stock car on the famous beach at Daytona where it all began.

We know you’re going to enjoy Ato’s contributions going forward. Check out his first exposure to NASCAR in the above video.

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