NASCAR America: Kyle Petty: Danica Patrick needs to ‘get thicker skin’ after outburst at fans


NASCAR America analyst Kyle Petty said Danica Patrick needs to “get thicker skin” after a viral Facebook Live video showed Patrick lecturing NASCAR fans at Pocono Raceway after they booed her for not signing autographs.

Petty both criticized and defended the fifth-year Cup driver, while saying it is Patrick’s job to sign fan autographs.

“I’m a little biased, I grew up in a house with (Richard Petty) who signed autographs for anybody that would knock on the door,” Petty said. “Get thicker skin. If they boo you, turn the other cheek, man. I’m sorry. They boo people all the time. That’s part of sports. I don’t care what sports you play. … You can’t take the accolades if you can’t take the other side of that coin.

“I am going to say this. I have seen my father get double throw down PO’d at fans, OK? Because of the way they treat him or the way they acted or the way they pushed in. I saw it. Did the fans see it? Never. He hid it, he was personable, he signed the autographs and he went on. That’s our job.”

Watch the above video for the full discussion about Patrick and signing autographs.

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