NASCAR fan accidentally left behind at track after Coca-Cola 600


After the long Coca-Cola 600 race weekend, Monday began at Charlotte Motor Speedway with the track finally empty of the thousands who attended the race.

Well, all but one fan.

As morning broke over the track in Concord, North Carolina, a woman named Jody Nash found herself in a bit of a predicament.

She was alone. As in “the people I came to the track with forgot about me and drove away while I slept” alone.

A reporter from Charlotte news station WBTV stumbled across the woman, who held a Bud Light can in hand, as he produced a story on the track’s cleanup efforts.

“They left me, too,” Nash told WBTV. “Hey mom, I’m OK. I’m still here in Turn 2.”

Nash found herself in a debris field that didn’t include fiberglass.

In addition to the expected piles of beer cans and empty Papa John’s Pizza boxes, there was an abandoned kiddie pool sitting between two port-a-potties. Elsewhere, a battered couch lay on its side.

“It’s not unusual for us to find people camping in tents that are still asleep after a late night of fun at the speedway,” track spokesperson Scott Cooper told The Charlotte Observer. “But it is unusual to find people who’ve been left behind. Thankfully, most family and friends take their family and friends with them when they go.”

Before the day was up, WBTV reported Nash officially ended the race weekend by going home.

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