Piece by piece: Christopher Bell rebuilt midget car in his house

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Christopher Bell had a unique problem recently.

How to get a race car in his home.

Well, not just any race car but the midget car he won the Chili Bowl with in January.

Too wide for any doors, Bell had to figure out how to, as they say, put a square peg in a round hole.

“I don’t have a shop, I have a two-car garage at my house there, but both of those spaces are filled,” he said. “I had an empty room right inside the front door so I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to try to put this thing in there.’

“Taking it apart from sitting on the ground in the garage to sitting on the ground in the house was only like three hours. Everything went pretty smooth and I’m pretty proud of it too.”

So why do it? Yes, it’s the winner of the Chili Bowl, among the most prestigious midget car races in the country, but it’s still putting a race car in a house.

“As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, the Chili Bowl was obviously the dream race for me,” he said. “I grew up a dirt track racer and not really much pavement racing going on in Oklahoma, so the Chili Bowl was my dream race, and I told myself as a little kid that if I ever won the Chili Bowl, I was going to buy the car.”

OK, but one thing. Bell, who is second in the Camping World Truck Series points standings, makes his Xfinity debut this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. What happens if he wins that race?

How would he put a stock car in his house?

That’s a question for another day, perhaps, but check out the video of how he got his midget car in his home.

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