NASCAR America: Drivers need to focus on competition, not more change (video)


After Denny Hamlin recommended enhancements to the NASCAR schedule on social media, NASCAR America explained why drivers should focus on the competition rather than their opinions.

Hamlin suggested a shorter schedule, aero changes to the cars and upgrade facilities.

NASCAR on NBC’s Rick Allen asked analysts Jeff Burton and Steve Letarte why  should everybody have an opinion on how to change the sport.

Said Burton: “This sport is changed by more people than any sport I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing to me. Denny is a smart guy. He has opinions for a reason. We all have opinions. I think at this point, after a major change, after the change with the stage racing, let’s leave it alone.

“I understand that we can make the schedule a little better, make it better for the fans. I get it. In regard to rules, let’s just leave it alone. I think the fans need a little bit of a rest.”

Said Letarte: “I don’t have a problem with the opinions. I have a problem with the narrative. I think that why should every race be put under a microscope and asked is that a good race? I don’t leave a lot of other sporting events thinking was that good or was that bad.

“In golf, if Tiger Woods won by 10 strikes, it was wonderful, it was masterful, it was the best thing you’ve ever seen. In racing, Martin Truex Jr. leads the entire (Coca-Cola) 600 and it was the worst thing everybody saw. Why wasn’t that masterful? Why wasn’t that spectacular? Why wasn’t that a high-level performance? I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t have a problem with Denny Hamlin giving his. He is a vested driver in the sport. He has every right to give his opinion. I have a bigger issue with the question being asked. I think the narrative needs to change.”

See more of what both Burton and Letarte said in the video.