NASCAR America: Dale Jarrett, Steve Letarte on Jimmie Johnson fighting through dehydration


One of the story lines coming out of Sunday’s race at Texas Motor Speedway was the failure of a device that provided Jimmie Johnson with fluids to drink during the race.

The result was Johnson cramping up late in the race that he won and having to visit the infield car center afterward to receive fluids.

NBC Sports analysts Dale Jarrett and Steve Letarte discussed the impact of dehydration on drivers.

“Your body just won’t react, you’re in there trying to drive and you’ve got to and adrenaline is the only thing that will get you through that,” Jarrett said. “It is more painful than anything you’ve ever been through in trying to do that.”

Said Letarte: “It’s adrenaline, but it’s also experience. The way Jimmie talks about it, he obviously has some comfort with pushing his body to that level of exhaustion. … I would be panicked if I was sitting in my street car cramping up on the left side of my body.”

Watch the video for the full discussion.