Kyle Busch puts ‘Everything is great’ theme into practice for charity

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Everything is great for Kyle Busch – and he’s got the shirt to prove it.

While talking with reporters, Busch said “everything is great” – multiple times, in fact – after Friday’s meeting with NASCAR officials to discuss the post-race skirmish at Las Vegas with Joey Logano.

Then, in interviews after finishing third Sunday at Phoenix, Busch again said “everything is great” in a race he might have won had three other drivers – including race-winner Ryan Newman – not stayed on-track while Busch pitted during the final caution.

Now, Busch is taking the “Everything is great” theme and putting it to a good cause.

Busch announced Monday on his Twitter page that his charitable foundation (@theKBFoundation) will begin selling T-shirts with the “Everything is Great” theme emblazoned upon the front.

The shirts sell for $22 apiece (including free shipping and are available at

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but there’s a bit of irony that the shirts are selling for the same price as Logano’s car number (No. 22).

This is at least the second time that Logano has gotten into an incident with a fellow driver, and then the latter has gone on to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome.

Logano was involved in an on-track incident with Kevin Harvick at Pocono back in 2010.

Afterward, Logano quipped to reporters about Harvick, “His wife wears the firesuit in the family and tells him what to do. It’s probably not his fault.”

“His wife” is Delana Harvick, who less than 24 hours later came up with the idea and marketing plan to sell T-shirts emblazoned with “I wear the firesuit in this family!” on Harvick’s website – and to benefit his charitable foundation, as well.

DeLana Harvick Ladies Firesuit T-Shirt

Given that Logano was a part of both incidents – and subsequent T-shirt initiatives – maybe he should ask for a portion of the proceeds for his own charitable foundation as well.

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