NASCAR America: Debating using the Charlotte road course in the playoffs


There’s a good chance the fall race at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be held on the track’s road course as soon as next year.

On NASCAR America, reporter Nate Ryan talked with analysts Dale Jarrett and Kyle Petty about whether the playoffs need a road course and if that road course should be Charlotte.

Dale Jarrett: “I’m not against Charlotte here … Charlotte is an oval. That is what they do best. Sonoma and Watkins Glen, those are road courses and that’s what they’re built for. Were they built for stock cars? No, they weren’t. But the road course that you have at Charlotte … I’m just not fan of that idea.”

Kyle Petty: I do like that. I’ve said that from the very beginning, I want a road course in the (playoffs). … This I’m not so sure about, I understand the process, I understand what they’re trying to do. But what’s next? We’re going to run a dirt race on Bristol?”

Watch the video for the full segment.