If you’re not a Joey Logano fan, he has a message for you

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Joey Logano has a secret for his haters.

When you boo him, if you think you’re getting to him, think again.

“I secretly love it, don’t tell anybody,” Logano said Wednesday during the final day of the annual NASCAR Media Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina. “In all honesty, yeah I would rather be loved than hated. But I would rather them say something than nothing.”

In other words, make as much noise as you want. The more, the better, Logano says. The Team Penske driver actually thrives on it.

As for individual tracks, it’s no secret that New Hampshire Motor Speedway is Logano’s favorite track. He grew up in neighboring Connecticut and cut much of his early racing teeth at the 1-mile flat track.

Whenever NASCAR visits the Loudon track, Logano typically draws some of the loudest cheers from fans in the stands.

But the track where Logano feels he is liked the least and booed the most?

“In all honesty, Martinsville is the race track that I think they dislike me the most,” he said. “I can tell usually by the (pre-race) pick-up truck ride and counting the number of (one-finger salutes) I get.

“All I can think of is how cool it would be to win there and do a big burnout. That would be the coolest.”

But that wouldn’t cool down the boo birds. If anything, it might only infuriate them even more.

That’s fine by Logano.

“That is motivation to me,” he said. “I do like that people like me and my fans that support me as a person and as a race car driver. I feel like they have gotten to know me, my personality and what I stand for.

“I also respect that some people don’t and that is okay. I am who I am and I am not going to change anything.

“Also I appreciate the passion that our fans have. Love it or hate it, love or hate me, they have passion and I think that is very important in sports.”

So, if you are a Logano hater, the next time you let loose with some hearty and loud boos, you may want to think twice.

You’re actually doing him a favor and giving him added inspiration and motivation.

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