No driver was safe during Jay Mohr’s opening monologue (video)


Jay Mohr was back to host the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards for his sixth time Friday night in Las Vegas and he came prepared with a fresh monologue.

After Sting opened the show with a performance, Mohr welcomed everyone to what the drivers call “the annual Jimmie Johnson Las Vegas hoedown.” Mohr then took on everyone from Tony Stewart to Jeff Gordon and Chase Elliott. Of course, he even poked fun at himself.

Here are some of Mohr’s best jokes while the entire opening segment can be seen above:

On Brian Scott: “Biggest story this season in NASCAR, in my opinion, was the retirement of a NASCAR icon, a superstar, a NASCAR legend. Brian Scott.”

On Tony Stewart’s dune buggy accident: “How did it take two hours to find Tony Stewart? … Kevin Harvick‘s pit crew could have gotten to him in like an hour and 20 minutes tops.”

On Jeff Gordon: “Everyone likes Jeff’s work on TV, except, well Chase Elliott does not like it because when he watches the races after the fact, he doesn’t like the fact that when the 24 car goes by, Jeff Gordon goes, ‘Wow, there’s me but slower.'”

More on Jeff Gordon: “By the way, Jeff hosted Saturday Night Live. I was on Saturday Night Live for three years and he was in more sketches than me.”

On Chase Elliott: “I saw Chase Elliott backstage. I owe him an apology because I didn’t say hi. I thought he was Fred Savage from The Wonder Years.”

On Joey Logano: “You finished first at Talladega, which is amazing. Your jack finished 12th.”

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