NASCAR on NBC podcast, Episode 40: Kyle Petty

(Getty Images)

Kyle Petty previews the Sprint Cup playoffs on the latest episode of the NASCAR on NBC podcast, and the NBCSN analyst is expecting another round of mayhem this season.

The first two editions of the Chase for the Sprint Cup with three-race elimination rounds has featured bizarre finishes, brawls and blatant retribution as the raised stakes and standings resets put drivers in positions producing some wacky behavior.

“You’re going to be loony every year,” Petty said. “You’re going to take your brain out at some point and time, especially if you’re in contention.”

Petty said Matt Kenseth, who was suspended two races during last season’s Chase for intentionally wrecking Joey Logano, was the “poster child for saying that’s how much pressure is here. When you can rile Matt and push him over the edge … somewhere, I still think there will be mayhem again.”

Other topics covered by Petty:

–His observations of spending two days with Kevin Harvick in his hometown of Bakersfield, California, for an upcoming feature on NBCSN later this month.

–The likelihood of the season’s most frequent winners failing to reach the championship round.

–An amusing tale of an awkward sponsorship situation and what it says about NASCAR teams seeking funding.

–Answers to Twitter questions.

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