NASCAR America: What’s the right way for a driver to criticize his team?


Kevin Harvick controversially called out his pit crew after the Southern 500 for poor performance late in the race. NASCAR America debates whether that was the right decision.

Former crew chief Steve Letarte disagrees with the public criticism of team members.

“I wouldn’t have delivered the message that way, but Kevin Harvick has been consistent his entire career and he’s proven that’s how he’s going to deliver the message,” Letarte said. “He’s going to do it publicly, and what we don’t know, and it’s unfair to say, we don’t know is how many times he’s delivered that message privately. And maybe he’s gotten to a point where he doesn’t feel it’s being addressed.”

Harvick finished second in the Southern 500 after a slow pit stop sent  him from first place to 12th with less than 120 laps to go.