NASCAR warns teams about ‘slicing vehicle wraps’ for aerodynamic advantages

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

SPARTA, Ky. – Sprint Cup director Richard Buck warned teams before Saturday’s Quaker State 400 about the penalties for car modifications, even those that might seem particularly minuscule.

“I want to take this moment to remind everyone of a rule that’s been on the books for quite a while now,  Rule 10-7-1, in-race violations,” Buck said during the drivers meeting. “Unapproved vehicle modifications will not be permitted in an event. This includes but is not limited to pulling the side skirts, deforming the side of the car, manipulating the body, and/or any other parts, including slicing the vehicle wrap, right-rear corner A post. Nowhere slicing the vehicle wraps will be permitted.”

With teams searching for tiny aerodynamic advantages in every area of the car, NASCAR officials say they have become more attuned to policing the practice of slicing cars’ decals or wraps (which largely have replaced paint schemes) and flaring them to gain speed. NASCAR has been penalizing teams for flaring their cars’ side skirts since last year.

The penalty for illegal body modifications under yellow is a pit stop for repairs, restarting from the back and a drive-through penalty under green. The penalty under green is a stop for repairs under green.

There were no questions for Buck during the meeting.